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Trees of Nambara is an original collection of puzzle games and a different way of doing math. The task is simple and well known since ancient times: find a solution as close as possible to the target number using basic arithmetic operations on a set of numbers. The innovation and charm lie in the way it is done: simply by tapping numbers and operations in a tree-like structure. This allows you to intuitively investigate an enormous amount of combinations in no time, without actually writing a single expression. Math with no math.

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If you want to prove, improve or exercise your math skills and have fun while doing it, this is the place. Play the wide variety of carefully designed games: from simple and gradually more complex games for children learning math to mind-blowing puzzles for beautiful minds. Although all of the games rely on the same concept, each game has its own level of difficulty, feel and spirit. The sets can be built from up to 7 numbers and their type can be minimalistic or exhaustive. Calculation with fractional numbers is supported and in some games required. Either practice or race against timer in two modes and earn ranks independently for each game: from Novice to Absolute Genius.

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You can choose between typed and handwritten user interface and even adjust untidiness of the handwritten numbers.

The application is universal and fully supports High Definition Retina displays and all screen formats, including the new iPhone 5.

At the core of the application is a lightning-fast solving algorithm called Ranger, which always finds the best possible solution for any given combination of target and set numbers in a fraction of a second. This makes possible for you to create and play your own puzzles, solvable or not, in the Editor.

Review and replay the games you have played in the History and share them with friends via e-mail.

The video “A Child’s Play” is available on YouTube

Easily link devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless networks and compete in solving puzzles with your friends! (And Ranger, of course.)